Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Rob and I were just talking about how we're out of touch with way too many folks after making the move to Chicago. So I thought I'd start posting on this blog in hopes of finding a way to stay a little more connected. I'm guessing the odds are about fifty-fifty of keeping this up-to-date, but here's to being an optimist!

I suppose a brief recap of the recent past is in order. Rob and I celebrated our one-year anniversary in January, which was insane (it's been a year!?) and very special. I bought him several anniversary cards, which shouldn't be surprising to those of you who know about my greeting card obsession. I still smile from every time I see the pictures of the dance floor that night. If you're interested, you can check out our pictures here and here. There are two online albums because I had so many pictures to post, and this is still only about half of them! We also are very happy to share our anniversary year with several of our favorite people -- Mark & Mary, Ali & Eddie, Bill & Claire, and Piper & Andrew! Apparently 2006 was quite the year to get married.

In the other side of my life, right now I'm about halfway through my one-year clerkship for the Honorable Diane P. Wood of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The job is fantastic and my judge is brilliant. It's an amazing learning experience for a lawyer, although the hours are pretty tough. Rob is taking excellent care of me through the hard times.

Feburary was also a busy month because of a couple trips. We went to NYC for a weekend to celebrate with my friend Erica on her 30th birthday, which could not have been more fun. Then the very next weekend we went to New Jersey to surprise Rob's Grandma for her 75th birthday. It was a very special family gathering as the entire Pezold clan was in the same place for the first time in who knows how long! Rob's sister Gena arranged for us to take a family photo. We have already framed ours and are looking for the perfect place to hang it, which leads me to...

This past October, Rob and I picked up our house hunting efforts and put a bid on a great condo a couple miles north of Chicago's downtown area. Amazingly, we closed on the place in December and quickly moved in, with the much-needed help of my sister Resa and her boyfriend Nick and our new friends Tim and Emily, just in time for lots of family and friends to visit for the holidays. Eventually I'll take and post some pictures. We now have three bedrooms and a den spread out on three floors. We don't know how we survived in our tiny DC studio apartment! And of course we still (months later!) have much unpacking to do!

Who knows when we'll get around to that, though, because this weekend we're off to California for a quick visit with one of my absolute favorite people on the planet -- my soulmate friend Roxanna -- who lives in Oakland with her fiance(!). Then we head down to LA for a week to help my sister Libby and her fiance(!) with the final prep for their wedding on the 10th. We are so excited!!!

So that is our life in a nutshell right now. We're currently planning a trip to England and Portgual in August once I'm done with my clerkship. So if anyone has any suggestions, we welcome them. It will be our first vacation ever, except for our awesome honeymoon in Mexico of course. That's all for now!