Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy birthdays!

We are delinquent in saying happy birthdays to all the babies we know or hope to soon meet. Or maybe we’ve said some happy birthdays, but not others. This past year officially marked the transition of our friends from weddings to babies.

Our friends Jeff & Sara welcomed a baby girl to the world last week. Yea! A few weeks back, our friends Jess & Jeff welcomed a baby boy, Miles, to the world of NYC! A couple months ago our friends Jason & Beth had their third little one, baby girl Campbell!

Meanwhile, other babies are getting older. A couple weeks ago our friend’s Erica & Feroz celebrated the first birthday of their little girl Sofie! Also a couple weeks ago, my cousin Angela’s little girl Adele turned one. And a few months ago, our friends Mark & Mary celebrated the first birthday of their little guy, Leo!

Now within sight are Bill & Claire’s baby girl Maggie’s first birthday, Deborah & Josh’s baby boy Ephram’s first birthday, Heather & Blair's not-really-baby-anymore Sophie's second birthday, and our soon-to-be new niece’s arrival (in February)!

We feel really lucky to be on a planet where so many amazing people are shepherding little ones into the future. (And for the babies I’m sure I’ve missed, happy birthday to you too!!)