Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greetings from Connecticut

I'm in CT for work until tomorrow night. Then in NYC for work from 11pm tomorrow night until 6pm -- so no time to say hi to anyone. Booo. I get back to Chi-town Friday night, jump in a car, meet Rob in Kenosha, WI for his mini-marathon Saturday.

Soooo... four states in three days. And here I thought I was going to be traveling less this year. And last weekend we were in Indiana for the Teb's Troops event, which I'll blog about soon hopefully! It was great.

States I've been to in 2009:
TX (airport stop, hardly counts)

Countries I've been to in 2009:
Mexico (pre-swine flu, whoo hoo!)

Other states I have plans to go to in 2009:
NY (this week)
WI (this week)
CA (next week)
VA (June)
OH (August)
ME (fall)

Hmmm. Maybe 2010 will be my non-travel year? Nobody else out there is allowed to get married or have a baby this year, okay?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random pics

Some old pics I don't think I've posted.

Emily, Tim and Rob rock out on Rock Band.

Rob and I ride the escalator at the United Center after a Blackhawks game.

Rob shows off his new Patrick Kane jersey.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sports Crazy Weekend!

This weekend we tried to hit every local sports game possible. Or so it seems. Saturday afternoon Rob and my cousin went off to the Cubs game against St. Louis. Saturday night Rob and I picked up Allison and Geoff and went to the Blackhawks playoff game. Then tonight Rob and I drove out to Toyota Park for the very first home game of the Chicago Red Stars -- the local women's pro soccer team in the new league that just launched this year.

The Blackhawks game was especially great as we saw the Hawks come back from a 2-0 deficit in the first period to win 3-2! The Cubs won their game too. And the Red Stars played to a 0-0 draw.

For any soccer fans out there, I can't recommend the new WPS enough. I saw dozens off WUSA games before it folded in 2003 and I think the quality of play is significantly improved. Lots more technique. Today we even saw a bicycle kick that the goalkeeper barely saved to keep the score 0-0. The weather was unfortunately terrible for a home opener. High 40s and pouring. But our season tickets happen to be in the very last row that's covered by the overhang, so we stayed fairly dry. I left my camera at home though.

Next weekend we're off to Indianapolis for the Teb's Troops event. Yea! If you're in Indy, you should go too!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hee hee

Rob is drumming along to random Radiohead and Weezer songs while I work.

Totally cool.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy belated Passover and Easter!!

We did more holiday celebrating than in years past. We had a fantastic Passover Seder last Wednesday at Jeff and Sara's house. I wish I'd remembered my camera because the food was as gorgeous as it was delicious. Eddie and Ali were also there, along with Sara's parents and another friend of Jeff and Sara's. The diversity at the table was a lot of fun.

This past weekend my dad came into town, so he and my sister spent most of Saturday at our place. In the morning, Ali came over to my 'hood and she, Resa and I got pedicures. Then Resa and I headed to pilates while Rob went golfing with Ali's husband Eddie. Resa and my dad later cooked dinner for me and Rob, which was probably a great joy for Rob since he does most (ahem, all) the cooking in our house.

Saturday night after Resa and my dad left, we wandered over to Eddie and Ali's to hang out. We're trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with them before they leave us for the greener pastures of Boston. Booo!!!

All that socializing on Saturday meant that Easter Sunday was one big, long work day for me. Sigh. I'm still not over vacation, which means I definitely have not warmed back up to working on weekends! Rob played his normal role of awesome husband all day long for me. From coffee in the morning through a risotto dinner!

Now it's the wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning. I'm fading after another long night of working. I can't wait to go off to sleep. So off I go. But I promised more blog updates -- and here they are. Incoherent ramblings though they may be.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mexico 2009

Rob, Mark and Chris sitting in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Mark and Chris at dinner at Archie's Wok.

The whole crew at dinner at Cafe Trio.

Me and Rob enjoying a return visit to La Laguna -- our favorite restaurant from our honeymoon.

Loved the tropical drinks all week long.

And love the signs advertising giant margaritas "all day long."

Back from vacation

And newly inspired to get back to blogging, back to being in touch with people, back to working out regularly. And on and on. 

So I'm going to post some pics to catch up on everything I haven't been blogging about. I'm way behind on our mileage too. But Rob's past the century mark. Whoo hoo!