Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Not Ignoring You, I Swear

I know it seems like it. I just haven't had much to say lately. I also lost the little thingamabobber that lets me download pictures from my camera. So my inability to get to my pics makes me even more unmotivated to blog.

Anyway. We've been up to a lot since my last post. We went to the East Coast for the 4th of July weekend. First we hit NY for Mark's family's reunion. Then we headed south to NJ to see Rob's family - Grandma, Kyle & Taber & Daniel & Lauren, Gena & Jay. Great way to spend a four-day weekend. And I can't say enough that if I ever want to feel loved, I just have to walk into a room where Daniel and Lauren are sitting. The very best part of the weekend might have been taking a walk with Daniel, at his request. How much longer will our so-soon-to-be-teenage nephew who wants to take walks with his nerdy aunt? :)

The weekend after that, no, we didn't stay in Chicago. We headed out to LA to help Libby, Colin and Tess move into their new house. It was an exhausting weekend of packing and moving and baby-watching and unpacking and shopping and furniture-assembling. But it was great to see Tess again. Rob was totally smitten too.

The last two weekends we've been in town, thankfully. Two weekend ago we hit the Three Floyds brewery and brew pub in Indiana with Georgia and Oli. Great beer! Then dinner with Ali at the always awesome Volo. Then hanging out with my old, no-longer-Chicago-dwelling friend Eric and his great girlfriend Sharon.

A couple days later it was my birthday. Age 33. Lord that sounds so much older than I feel. Kindof. Except for the fact that my knees definitely hurt a lot more than they used to. On my actual birthday I worked from home because we got new kitchen countertops installed. As my friend Dave said, "Wow, you really are old and married." Then Rob and I caught a late showing of Harry Potter 6. Loved it!

Friday night we had a few people over to taste some Italian wines as a birthday celebration. Rob cooked lasagna -- my favorite! It was a very last minute party. We had a blast the whole night with everyone who could make it on such short notice!

Then Sunday we ran for the third year in the third annual Teb's Troops March on Melanoma 5K. I think I just about tied my time from the first year (right around 36 minutes), which is better than last year's 38 minute time. Rob -- now a seasoned runner -- didn't run with his slowpoke wife this year, although he offered! So he jogged his was to a finish under 30 minutes. Even better though is that we officially raised over $1000 to support Teb's Troops through the 5K. (Thanks Jason for closing us out!) What rockin', supportive friends we have!!

So that's what we've been doing. Pictures of all of this will follow. Some day.

Oh, and in other awesome news, come February, Rob and I will have seventh niece/nephew! My little sister is pregnant! Whoo hoo!