Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yea for Thanksgiving with Family

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend in Delaware at Rob's sister and brother-in-law's house. On Thursday, we feasted with Rob's sister Kyle, brother-in-law Taber, nephew Daniel, niece Lauren, sister Gena, brother-in-law Jay, dad Bob, dad's wife Teri and Grandma Lois.

On Friday morning, Kyle, Gena, Lauren and I hit Old Navy for some doorbusters (although we arrived tardily at 7:30am -- two hours after the store opened -- we still found lots of great deals).

On Saturday, Kyle, Taber, Daniel, Lauren, Rob and I took a brewery tour of Dogfish Head brewery and then feasted on seafood for dinner.

Sunday morning we headed home, beating the storm that hit Chicago by just a couple hours. Phew!

Rob and Daniel toss a football.

Rob and Daniel slouch on the couch the same way. Barkley joins them.

Me and Rob on Friday night. Note my doorbuster $10 sweater!

Daniel loves Barkley.

Rob shows Daniel his Guitar Hero moves.

Lauren loves hanging out with Aunt Gena. Uncle Jay is behind them.

Rob and Taber insisted on drinking Aquavit after Thanksgiving dinner. I can't say it was good.

Kyle did not enjoy it either.

Lauren is a mama's girl.

Rob loves hanging out with Barkley.

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