Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to the world our new niece Rhone!

Yesterday (Saturday), our newest niece was born at 8:03pm. Her name is Rhone Parker (last name not included because she doesn't need an internet presence just yet, but it's Nick's last name for the curious).

Resa went into labor on Friday, probably in the morning some time. Her water broke around 2:30pm on Friday. She went to hospital at 8pm. And then... the marathon really began, culminating in a three hours pushing session before Rhone arrived into the world. We were sooooo happy to see her.

Resa was beyond amazing through such a long and hard labor. She was so strong and so fierce, I was just in awe. And I was so happy to be with her and Nick for the experience. It was very special to see the moment Resa and Nick first met their baby girl.

When all was said and done, the adrenaline began fading. Rob and I left the hospital a little after 10pm and I logged a solid 11 hours sleep last night. Definitely needed it. Rob was also a rock star -- essentially running non-stop errands for me, Resa and Nick the whole time we were at the hospital.

Without further adieu, here's little Rhone!

Uncle Rob and Rhone. She's about 1 hour old. Naturally Rob is wearing his Blackhawks hat.

And here's Aunt Kathy with little Rhone. She looks so much like her mom in this picture. I can't believe how happy I look in this picture given my sleepless and unshowered state!

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Claire said...

Congrats to you guys and to Resa! Rhone is adorable, and it's clear you're already in love!