Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maaaaaaaaan, I am tired

So much for being a better blogger in 2010!


I am working too much per usual. It's pretty rough.

But there are some silver linings:

1. We spent a recent weekend in Boston. The impetus for the weekend was a Penn Law Wives Club reunion ... aka three Penn Law alums (me, Ali, Sophia) and our "wives" (Rob, Eddie, Fritz) gathered in Boston where Ali and Eddie live. We chilled out (with Sophia, Eddie and I squeezing in way more work than we should have over the weekend too). But wow. I needed that. The chill part anyway. Good friends make life so much better.

2. Since we were in Boston, we snuck over to Bill & Claire's to catch up and meet their 18-month-old daughter Maggie. So wonderful to finally meet her in person!!

3. And we snuck over to Deborah & Josh's to see them for the first time in years and meet their little guy Ephraim, who is destined to be the funniest kid ever given his parents comedic talents.

More to come on Chile and the rest of our lives. For now just know we're hanging in there. We love you all for checking in.

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Cobin said...

that sounds like a wonderful weekend. i miss you guys. and ali and eddie. and sophia and fritz! can't wait to see you in philly.