Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello again!

We've had a busy couple weeks! But if Princess Kate can get herself together just 24 hours after having a baby, I suppose I can get myself together to do a blog post, right? (As an aside, seriously Kate, is there no end to making the rest of the world look terrible? I didn't even shower for two days after having Lois and I definitely have never held my baby while walking in heels. You are such an enigma to me. But I digress....)

After the 4th of July, we went to NH to visit with Ali, Eddie & Naomi, and Sophia, Fritz, Abe & Ray. Given all the little ones, we obviously didn't take any group pictures. Damn! But we did get some cute pics of Lois:

Lois taking a nap amidst the craziness.
Lois giving Dad some smiles.

Lois and Dad at the lake. (Check out her teensy feet!)

We came back to a house full of visitors, including Great Grandma Lois:

So glad Lois and Lois finally got to meet each other!
Meanwhile, Lois is getting bigger and cuter every day:

Look people, I can almost sit up on my own... if I'm leaning against pillows.

Cheeks make a great pillow for napping.

One of Lois's many, many looks of skepticism.

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