Thursday, March 06, 2014

Catching Up On Lois!

Time just raced by us for a while. Here are some new updates!

Lois is now ten and a half months old. She was crawling but now she seems over crawling. She is desperately trying to walk. She can cruise along holding furniture. And yesterday she pulled off this impressive feat:

Lois is also a great eater. She will try just about anything, even though she doesn't always like it. (Not a huge fan of green olives.) Her favorite foods are string cheese, avocado, and anything in the berry family. Her constant demand? That she feed herself! She does not tolerate mom or dad trying to feed her with a spoon. No way.

Lois is quite a curious kiddo. She loves grabbing new things and then flipping them over and over and over and over in her hands. Everything gets a full inspection. She is getting more patient with books. She started off just trying to eat books. Then she loved flipping pages. But now she likes exploring the pages a bit more. She especially loves books with things you can touch on each page.

Lois knows peek-a-boo. If she's holding something big enough and you ask her to do peek-a-boo, she'll hide her face behind the object and then drop the object really fast and then laugh as soon as you say peek-a-boo. She loves it when her stuffed animals play peek-a-boo behind the couch cushions too.

Lois loves music. She had a maraca she basically shook to death after her hours and hours on end of continuous shaking. Now she has a couple new maracas/shaking toys. She loves shaking them along to music, and loves it even more if you shake along with your own instrument. She also has some adorable dance moves if she's in the right mood.

We can't believe we're just weeks away from Lois turning one year old!!

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