Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Rob!

Today is Rob's birthday. The big 3-2! We arrived in the Bay area earlier today and we're staying right in the middle of downtown Napa until Sunday. Tonight, Rob, my awesome friend Dave, and I are having dinner in Napa to celebrate Rob getting old. We're all in town for my friend Roxanna's wedding on Saturday. Dave, Roxanna and I have been hanging out together for about 15 years, so this weekend should be a ton of fun.

For Rob's birthday I got him tickets to see the NY Giants in Giants Stadium and an Indian food cooking class. And by "got" I mean "wrote Rob an IOU for" because I was supposed to get my clerkship bonus from my law firm before Rob's birthday so I could buy his presents, but the payment couldn't be processed until this coming Monday for whatever reason. Fortunately Rob's an understanding guy and accepts his present in IOU form. Yes, I literally wrote him an IOU. :)

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