Sunday, September 16, 2007

Roxanna's a married woman...

We're back from my best friend's wedding and it was fantastic! Everything went wonderfully and Rob was understanding about me abandoning him all day Friday and Saturday to help Roxanna do pre-wedding stuff. I'll blog more soon, but here are some pics in the mean time.

This is my favorite pre-wedding picture of Roxanna -- sitting barefoot in her wedding dress sipping champagne, totally chill. :)

During the ceremony, I did a reading from The Prophet. (The cute dress is thanks to Libby who loaned it to me after I saw how cute it looked on her at the wedding she went to in Chicago last weekend!)

One more drink together before Roxanna walks down the aisle.

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Roxanna said...

Kathy-thanks so much for posting these pictures--they are the first wedding photos I have seen! You are the best--thanks so much for all of your support and great, fantastic, unsurpassed friendship.