Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I've decided to avoid all things political in public for the next month at least. It's getting crazy out there from every angle. So I'm turning to something else very dear to my heart these days -- superstar girl group Danity Kane.

I watch way too much reality television for my own good. A few years ago I stumbled onto MTV's Making the Band 3. Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean Combs/whoever was holding auditions to put together a group of girls who could sing and dance. Then in the season finale, Diddy chose... no one! What?!?!

Tricky Diddy. He allowed three girls to stick around and come back for Making the Band 3, Season 2, when more girls would audition. The lucky three -- Aubrey, Aundrea and Malika. Aubrey was the shoo-in. Aundrea was my favorite (and coincidentally the shortest). Malika, well, you knew she wasn't going to last.

Season 2 closed with Malika long gone and 11 girls vying for the 5 spots in the band. The girls picked: Aubrey, Wanita (now D. Woods), Shannon, Dawn, and... Aundrea!

They chose the name Danity Kane because it's the name of a cartoon super hero that Dawn draws. Weird name, but good instinct. Their first CD launched at number 1. Their second CD dropped last week... at number 1. Surprisingly enough, they really do have talent. They work hard. They care about each other. They love their work.

Yes, they don't wear enough clothing on their album cover. Yes, the lyrics could not be cheesier. Yes, the techno-synthesized crap drowns out their awesome voices a bit too much. Yes, one reviewer rightly asked if Diddy was using their latest album to prove to America that the girls were the 5 horniest ladies in America. But maaaan, the album is FUN.

I have long believed in the power of cheesy music. It makes the heart happy. Many moons ago, while on a date, I had a rather fierce debate about music.

My argument: Even though 'N Sync is totally cheesy, they are also really fun and therefore worthy of my unabashed enthusiasm.

My date's argument: Anyone who likes 'N Sync has no appreciation or understanding of real music whatsoever.

My response: Well, that's rather harsh. [Except I was probably a lot more indignant.]

I should have known then that it wouldn't last... because I was totally right. Sometimes you need music with lyrics so bad they make you laugh but so catchy you smile while you sing them all day. Sometimes you need music that makes you unable to keep yourself from rocking out like a cheeseball.

There's a reason Rob and I have had just one CD in our car stereo for a week straight. There's a reason Rob and I have been cracking each other up by singing lyrics to each other ever since we got that CD. The reason is Danity Kane, people. So much fun. So much fluffy, cheesy goodness. (Although totally inappropriate with kids in the car. :)

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