Monday, April 28, 2008

Help Stop Malaria

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the fact that most of us are so fortunate that we can save another person's life with small gestures. We can't do everything, but when tiny, easy ways of making a difference are thrown in our laps, we should take them.

I just got the email below from my friend Doug, and because of it, the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets program has just gotten some money from me. I know how many lurkers there are out there, so please consider donating $10 or more.

Thank you!!

Email from Doug:

As you may know, I had malaria when I was living in Cape Town five years ago. Needless to say, it wasn't the most fun I've ever had. Fortunately, because of my robust health and the immediate and high-quality medical treatment I received, I was never in any real danger of dying. The same isn't true for over a million persons a year, mostly children under five, who die of malaria.

One of the most cost-effective ways of preventing malaria is sleeping under insecticide-treated bed nets. And, thanks to the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets program, it is pretty damn easy to donate nets. For $10, you can buy a net for a child online.

There are lots of important causes in the world, but this is certainly one of them. Please help if you can.

Thanks for your time,


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