Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Haircut, a Wedding, a (Few) Softball Games

This past weekend we went to LA for the wedding of one of Rob's good friends from law school, Susan. We were extra motivated to trek out to LA for the weekend so that we could see my twin sister Libby and her husband Colin. This means we'll have gotten to see all of our siblings already this summer. Sweet. (Although we're going to see Lib and Colin at our family reunion in a few weeks anyway.)

Getting out of Chicago was a standard O'Hare adventure. We had six gate changes... with the last two literally being the gates furthest apart in two different terminals. Of course the gate we departed from was much closer to security than the other gates we'd bounced between. But we used the last of my upgrades, so we had a comfy trip and happily slept in our first class seats (and through the seemingly dreadful movie Nim's Island... although maybe it got better after I fell asleep). We got to LA super late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Colin kindly picked us up.

We slept in a bit on Saturday. But not too late. Having the blessing/curse of curly hair means I am constantly searching for a good hair stylist. I had one in DC. Haven't found one in Chicago (although I do love my colorist Jim). So I decided to go to Libby's salon in LA on Saturday since her haircuts have looked very good lately. Good decision. I got a great haircut and a super fun blow out before the wedding.

After my Saturday morning haircut, Rob's law school friend Peter joined me, Lib and Rob for lunch. Then Libby and I got pedicures. (I still owe you money for that, Libby!) And then it was off to the wedding.

The wedding was at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Apparently the first Oscars were held in the room where the reception was. Way cool. It was definitely one of the most gorgeous weddings I've seen. Everything was elegant and romantic. The centerpieces were amazing but not gaudy. They had creme brulee AND peach cobbler AND wedding cake for dessert. My kind of wedding.

It was also a blast. I loooove going to weddings with Rob because we both take seriously our wedding guest duty to keep the dance floor occupied and energetic. Peter joined out shenanigans on the dance floor, as did another couple at our table (Rob's law school classmate Beth and her fiance Matt). It's always fantastic to have dancing buddies at a wedding. (Nothing can top the dancing bond of Table Number 4 at Bill & Claire's wedding though!) But we had an awesome, awesome time. The DJ was fantastic. The only thing missing was a Kelly Clarkson song. ;)

On Sunday, we slept in while Libby and Colin headed off to a softball tournament. (Colin had played in a tournament on Saturday too!) Then we rolled out of bed late morning to go watch Libby and Colin play. We got there just as they hit their break after their second game. So we all hung out a bit in the crazy hot weather.

Then it was time for game number 3. Libby played catcher, Colin played outfield. We stayed through most of the game and left while they were still ahead. It was very fun. One of their teammates hit an in-the-park home run. Very nice.

We raced back to Libby and Colin's place to grab our bags and then headed to the airport. Of course our plane was delayed. But eventually it arrived. We saw the movie Flawless on the plane, which I found annoyingly predictable but fairly well executed. We landed at O'Hare to find that the gate agent (who moves the gate out to the plane) was MIA. Seriously. So we sat for a fun half hour at the gate before being able to deplane.

Still, we can't complain. We may have been exhausted on Monday, but we had a blast in our (all too brief) trip out west. Next time hopefully we'll get to visit with friends out there.

Pics to follow.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous. I love weddings. I have missed so many weddings in the last four years due to my constant pregnancy. In fact, you know many of the people whose weddings I have missed!

Kat said...

Weddings are the best! Of course, these days with friends all over the place, it's more often than not crazy travel just to go to one! Rob and I are squeezing them in now in our DINK days. :)