Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LA Pics 1 (Details Below)

Rob and me before the wedding. Note the blown out hair. Probably my unconscious way of trying to look more like my other twin Nadine. :)

The happy couple -- Susan and Jeff.*

Me rockin' out on the dance floor.

Me and Rob's friend Beth's fiance Matt trying to beckon the rest of our table onto the dance floor. (Not pictured, Rob pointing and laughing at me.)

Rob and his friend Peter rockin' out.

*Note the candles next to the rows of seats. These freaked me out. I made Rob sit on the aisle. I didn't want my dress to catch on fire. I even warned the woman in front of me when I saw her scarf dangling perilously close to the candles. And then I noticed the candles were fake. As in not flames. Yeah, I'm a smart one. Observant too.

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Nadine said...

Just getting caught up on blogs upon returning home and I have to say, maybe it's because we're more twinlike in these pics, but I ADORE your hair blown out like that. You look so beautiful (and so happy) in these pics! Yay!