Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Surely it's fitting that I'm typing this from a hotel room several states away from my husband. A quick work trip. I should be home for a late dinner tomorrow, Wednesday, our third anniversary. (Knocking on wood.)

I am too lazy read what I've written before to avoid being repetitive. I wonder if I've written that I'm too lazy to go back to old posts before... Hmmm. Anyway, so I'm just going to write what comes to my (likely unoriginal) mind given that I think the thoughts below all the time.

Three years ago, on January 7, 2006, Rob and I said the wedding vows we'd written together in front of many of our closest friends and family members. I remember lots of moments from that day. But most of all I remember how overjoyed I was from start to finish. Every time I think back on that day, I'm overwhelmed all over again.

I often say that getting married is the best thing I've ever done. The truth is, though, getting married to Rob is the best thing I've ever done. The nicest compliment someone can give me is to tell me that they admire what Rob and I have together. Frankly, I am in awe of it myself. That's not to say our life together is all smiles and rose petals. It's fantastic, yes, but we're still human beings. Often grumpy human beings. Sometimes we push, we nag, we mope, we fight. It's part of both our natures.

The trick -- or really the magic, I think -- is that never once, never even in the worst moment could I bear the thought of not having him as my partner. I am truer to myself because of Rob. I laugh more than I ever thought possible because of Rob. I almost cannot believe that this hysterical, kind-hearted, gorgeous man feels the same way about me. I only believe it because I see it in his face every day. And I am so grateful for it. To see his love reflected back at me, it makes me feel like everything is right with the world. It's my life preserver for life. It has given me more strength than I think anyone, even Rob, could understand. I am so lucky.

Oh sappiness. I know. I know. But I can't help it.

So here's to you, honey. My favorite person ever. My best friend. My soulmate. My other half. My whatever you want to call it. And here's to our imperfect yet perfect marriage and life together. I love you always.


Rob said...

I love you too!

And who knew you played guitar left-handed...

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Katherine, that was such a sweet post! Happy anniversary you two!


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

Kat said...

Thanks everyone! :)