Thursday, May 28, 2009


Grumpfocious is what Rob and I call the other when that person is being a total grumpy monster. It's typically a description of me in the morning. And it's exactly how I've been feeling since Monday night this week. A few big annoying things have happened that seem to have sealed my mood into grumpfociousness. Now I'm stuck.

I'm sure I'm not helped by the fact that I started the work week blitzed out of my mind with exhaustion. But why am I getting the pile on this week? Why are there a gazillion little annoying things all at once -- things that normally I wouldn't care about, or would be able to talk myself out of caring about, are avoiding the rational part of my brain -- when I'm already feeling stressed and tired and all-around bummed out? Can someone upstairs give me a break? Please? This is not going to get me out of my funk!

After multiple delays getting on a plane, I finally made my way to the East Coast and am currently in a hotel. A supposedly fancyschmancy hotel. But they couldn't find the package that was delivered for me. And half the television stations aren't working. And the room service is too expensive and not that good. (I ordered off the kids' menu -- just a grilled cheese -- because I couldn't stand spending $30 for quesadillas and I actually love grilled cheese. But even the undercooked grilled cheese was $30. Although presumably if I were a kid it'd be $14.) And then there are silly mishaps that are only a big deal in that they are forcing me to stay up late and do things that should already be done, which always stinks.

I'm sitting around yelling "Seriously!?!?!" in my own head at every turn.

Sorry to be so grumpy. I just... really, universe? Really??

Here's to next week.


Nadine said...

Sorry friend. :( Hope that the weekend turns things around for you!

Claire said...

Ugh. I hope things are getting better - you do deserve a break!

Kat said...

Thanks guys. :)