Friday, June 14, 2013

We're still here!

Yep, we're still here. But time has flown by these past couple weeks as Lois is more alert and awake during the daytime hours.

We also realized that this blog has never had a formal introduction of Dunkel (due to our delinquent blogging for quite some time pre-Lois). So first, here is our beloved first "baby," who joined our family in the fall of 2011. Dunkel's name was given to her by the rescue organization where we got her because she's black and Dunkel means "dark" in German.

Dunkel loves loves LOVES Rob. Her favorite place to be is Rob's lap:

If Rob leaves the house by way of the front door, Dunkel stares out the front windows and sadly watches him walk away. If Rob leaves the house by way of the back door, Dunkel flops down on the floor of the back hall and waits for him to return.
Dunkel's second favorite place is wherever she can take a nap alongside Rob or me:
And Dunkel also likes taking naps on her own... in positions that don't always make sense:
(Don't mind the junk all over the place.)
Dunkel is gorgeous and ridiculous looking all at once. But it can be hard to get a close up picture of Dunkel because the flash makes her eyes glow like she's possessed: 

So you'll have to come meet Dunkel in person if you haven't already.

Meanwhile, Lois is still adorably awesome:




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