Monday, September 16, 2013

Lois discovers swinging

Lois is on the move, so to speak. She is rolling over onto her belly and (sometimes) rolling back over onto her back. This is giving me anxiety when we put her down to sleep because she rolls onto her stomach quickly and falls asleep. Meanwhile every doctor/article/person-in-the-know says NEVER LET YOUR BABY SLEEP ON THEIR STOMACH. Of course the asterisk to that is that once your baby rolls over, you have to give up on NEVER LETTING YOUR BABY SLEEP ON THEIR STOMACH, and every doctor/article/person-in-the-know says it's probably now fine even though no one can explain why it's now probably fine while previously it was the worst thing in the world.

I suppose this is just the path we're stuck on now... permanent anxiety!

Anyway. We don't spend all our waking minutes worrying. In addition to rolling over, Lois has also discovered swinging... and there's pretty much nothing cuter than these pictures:

She was also rockin' a little scar on her forward. Kindof like Harry Potter if, instead of an evil wizard trying to smite him, Harry Potter had instead just scratched his own foreheard with his fingernails.

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