Monday, September 09, 2013

Some overdue updates

I went back to work on August 19, but I haven't posted for a while longer than that. So I can't even just blame my lack of posting on the whole work-life balance thing. Ah well. Some updates:

Lois is more than 4 months old! She smiles and laughs all the time, especially when she's with Rob. She can sit up on her own most of the time... until she falls over. She rolled over onto her belly for the first time a couple days ago. She started eating (very watered down) oatmeal a couple weeks ago. And even though she's still waking up twice a night, she's sleeping in longer stretches.

So all in all, she's doing great.

Now for what you really care about -- new pictures!

Yes, she's a little chubster. This picture is called, "Hey Dad. Mom said, 'you're it,' and then left me here."

After a round of oatmeal. Still skeptical.

At my cousin Erin's wedding! Lois is wearing the finest dress money can buy... from Target.

Holding hands. Have I posted this before? I dunno, but I love this.

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