Friday, August 03, 2007

It's been a long week

Not a lot of time for posting this week. My clerkship technically ends next Friday (although I'm going to hang around a wee bit longer to help my judge), so I have a bunch of work to complete by then. Fortunately, we've squeezed in a little fun. We took in a Cubs game on Monday night -- good game, but the home team lost -- with Rob's former co-worker Erin and several of her friends. We all went out for pizza afterwards and it was a very relaxing night all around.

Then on Wednesday night, we grilled out with our friends Tim and Emily. They didn't let us do anything, so it was a total treat of yummy food for us! We also got in a couple rounds of bocce ball. Then Tim and Emily surprised me with a birthday present and a birthday cake. Wow! I think the last time a friend made me a birthday cake was when Roxanna threw me a surprise party when I turned 17 in France (which was an exceptionally well-played and fun surprise). But I also think that cake was more like cake soup... awesome cake soup, but cake soup nonetheless. Remember, Rox? :) Baking in another language is not easy.

Anyway, it was a great surprise on Wednesday. I didn't have an actual birthday cake this year, although my co-clerks got me some delicious cupcakes. In the middle of a very hectic week that has me at my lowest sleep levels of the last few months, cake was just what I needed.

All this work of course means not much treadmilling for me. Rob is still putting me to shame. I've temporarily given up on our stats, which conveniently coincides with my dramatic decline in exercise. Hmmm. Something pseudo-Freudian about that, right?

This weekend has lots more work in store, but also lots more planning for Portugal! So that at least will be fun. I can't wait for vacation!!!!!


Roxanna said...

Eat the soup--you love it!

Kat said...

Cake soup is awesome. I mean, who doesn't like cake batter! :)