Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Top Chef

Not much time to go into thoughtful detail, but I was a little annoyed by tonight's Top Chef episode. Cooking in a slim-fitting button down shirt is not the same challenge cooking in a low-cut top and heels. Not even close, for reasons ranging from physical to psychological to societal. And I was bothered that the judges pretended like it was. If I think of something more articulate to say about it I will, but I have been ranting about sexism quite a bit these days. So I'll leave at that for now.


Nadine said...

WORD. I was completely appalled by that episode (which I just watched last night). Top Chef has always been a favorite of mine--a classy reality show, which is a rarity. But with that episode, I lost so much respect for the whole enterprise.

(1) I completely understand the pure mechanics. It would be hard to cook seriously with jewelry all over the place, high heels on your feet, and a low-cut top presenting a danger of boobs falling out.

(2) I also completely understand the point that Sara and Casey were trying to make about how they would NEVER dress like that in their kitchens, in front of their staff. I just don't think that men understand how hard women have to work to be taken seriously in the workplace.

(3) I think that the judges' reaction to their comments was completely uncalled for. Padma made a half-hearted attempt at a defense, but it fell way short. I think Tom interpreted Sara to be saying that she was demoralized because they didn't get to go out, which was SO not her point. The whole thing was just degrading.

(All of that said, none of them should have been so shocked that they weren't actually going out...this is a reality show, after all!)

Anyway, I just wanted to vent along with you...such a disappointment for me!!!

Nadine said...

Okay, two more things. Ted Allen did a good job on his blog of essentially agreeing with us that the challenge was unfair:

Also, I just have to brag that the producers worked really hard to get my cousin's husband to go on this season of the show! He declined b/c he just had a baby a few days after Lainey was born and didn't want to be absent for six weeks, but he might consider it again in the future. Cool!

Kat said...

WOW that would be awesome if your cousin's husband is on the next Top Chef. Definitely let me know!!!

And thanks for the agreement. I love this show and felt practically betrayed by the judges' reactions. I was so glad to see Ted Allen's blog (and I posted a comment there saying as much). I also noticed that the vast majority of the female commenters are saying the same thing. This episode also came on the heels of a lot more women getting the boot in early rounds than men, which always gets me a little frustrated... but Rob says I'm reverse sexist sometimes, so I'm sure I'm not objective.

All I could think through the episode is that if someone made me try a case in clubbing clothes, I'd be a hell of a lot more demoralized than a guy put in the same situation. Padma's even commented on her blog -- responding to criticism about her skimpy clothes on the show -- that she'd never cook in that and that she's not a cook on the show.

Oy. I could go on and on!! :)

Kat said...

I should add that my comment on the Top Chef blog as typos in it that I wish I could take back. Never blog in anger! :)