Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Skiing at Wilmot Mountain

Since we're going to Jackson Hole next week (!) we decided to go skiing last week to practice. Or rather learn... seeing as I've spent a total of an hour on skis prior to 2008.

The first picture is misleading because I spent the majority of our ski trip with my butt on the ground, not standing upright. I was awful. Words wouldn't do it justice. But by the end I could handle a wee bit of speed and made it most of the way down a minor "mountain" without falling. A minor miracle.

The second picture is much more accurate because Rob didn't fall once. Damn that natural athletic ability thing he has going on. So unfair.

The last picture is on our way out, which is why I look a little beaten down....

1 comment:

cobin said...

are you guys really going to be at jackson hole and you didn't tell me??? i think you stink! ha. j/k

its very close to salt lake city. hmmm...