Thursday, August 07, 2008

A couple days overdue

Cheers to us -- six years and counting!

Last week I made a mental note to blog on Tuesday of this week after Rob reminded me that it would be the six year anniversary of our first date. And then we both promptly forgot... until about 1am on Wednesday morning. Rob was asleep and I was up late working when I realized I'd missed the end of Tuesday. Damn! Needless to say, there were no grand plans for the evening.

So this is my belated happy anniversary post to my rockin' husband. Perhaps now that we're married we're only really supposed to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (Although apparently I can't get that right either because someone recently asked me how long I'd been married and I said "one and half years" when it's actually been two and a half years. Nice one. I can't remember who I said it to, so if you're out there, now you know the truth. :)

Anyway, August 5, 2002 will always hold a very special place in my heart. I've already told the story here. But there's always more to say.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, after I closed down my computer for the night, I went to store some stuff in our office (aka junk room) when I noticed a stack of pictures on the desk. I've been through this stack a million times. Pictures from our wedding and all sorts of random events from both our pasts. Pictures that are longing to be put in albums or frames But this time I grabbed at the stack and noticed a letter from me to Rob in the middle of it. Weird that I hadn't noticed it before.

The letter was from the early months of our relationship. It was written the day after some work conference call kept me occupied through an evening I was supposed to be spending with Rob. I sat on the call from home while Rob cooked dinner and cleaned my room, which I didn't even know he'd done until I got off the call hours later. So in the letter I was thanking him for that and thanking him generally for being such a wonderful boyfriend.

I love that Rob cleaned my room. I had totally forgotten that. Rob, do you even remember that? If you'd asked me three days ago if Rob had ever cleaned my room when we were dating, I would have laughed at the thought! But now I remember. No one had ever cleaned my room for me before. :)

And I love that Rob cooked me dinner. One of many, many, many dinners to follow. God I hate cooking. My poor husband suffers the burden of making dinner without any help from me. I did order the pizza *and* go downstairs to collect it from the delivery guy the other day though. And that's a big flight of stairs.

Seriously though, the best thing about the letter though is that every gushy sentence of it (and there were many) is still true today. Rob has been my best friend since the early weeks of our relationship. We are as inseparable now as we were then. Of course today I know I feel infinitely luckier to have him than I did then, or even than I did last year. But wow it's cool to read those words from over five years ago and know that this awesome thing I have, we have, was so awesome from the beginning. It still feels like a miracle somehow.

Life's not perfect. People aren't perfect. So there's no way a relationship could be perfect. But I wouldn't change a single thing about mine.

Happy anniversary (plus two days) Rob!

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