Monday, August 04, 2008

Say whaaaat? A whole weekend in Chi-town??

We actually stayed in Chicago this past weekend. CRAZY! What a welcome change of pace though.

On Friday night, my buddy Kate from my clerking days was in town with her husband Chris. So we met them out at a bar with a few other folks. Our friend Susie also came along, which was great because even though Susie lives in Chicago, I haven't seen her in ages. My friend Brian was also in town and hanging out. A very nice surprise. A very nice, chill time was had by all.

Saturday morning Rob and I slept in. But once we got up we took advantage of the nice weather and took a very long, winding walk to the lake. The walk was even better because we had our new sneakers on. (Last Thursday we made it to Fleet Feet just in time to buy sneakers before they closed.) If I haven't mentioned it lately, living in such close proximity to a massive body of water is just awesome for the soul. As we wandered north along the lakeshore, we found some less crowded park areas we hadn't visited before. So we're looking forward to returning soon. If we're ever in town again.

On Saturday night Rob covered the Chicago Fire game while I got in some work. Fun. Well, fun for Rob. Especially since the Fire finally won a game!

Sunday morning I woke up and Rob was MIA... only to return a few minutes later with lattes and donuts. Well played!!! That evening we headed over to Jeff and Sara's for a round of the greatest turkey burgers ever and a showing of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1). I'd never seen it but was convinced by Sara that I must. It was actually pretty darn good. So I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel with Sara some time soon.

We hit the hay early because Rob has his first day of his new job today. Very exciting!

But for the rest of this week we're in a countdown. Rob does one week at work and then we're off on our long-scheduled week in Cape Cod with Bill and Claire. I can't wait for a week of chill out time. Although first we head to Cleveland for my grandma's 90th(!) birthday this Friday and a massive family reunion, which will be a ton of chaotic fun.

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