Monday, December 15, 2008

Indy Weekend

We had a very fun weekend in Indy. We hit the road on Saturday afternoon for Nadine & Roger's house. We arrived in time for a little bit of chill time before the four of us headed out for dinner with Liane & Michael and Sara & Jon. Dinner was remarkably good sushi... especially given that we were in, uh, Indianapolis. After dinner we all headed to a party at a friend's place in Carmel. (Emphasis on the first syllable, for all you non-Indy folks.)

Sunday morning we got to spend some time watching Nadine & Roger's little girls frolic, read books, and other good things. They might be the cutest kids ever except for our nieces and nephews.

Then it was off to a COLTS GAME at the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. Thankfully the Colts won. Phew!! Our seats were fantastic. We were right next to the tunnel where the players run on and off the field. Awesome. I was jumping up and down like a little kid when the Colts first took the field. We saw three touchdowns in the endzone right in front of us. I have no idea when I last saw the Colts play live. What a treat.

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