Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Lordie

Suddenly I feel like it's a good thing we decided not to go to DC for the inauguration. I would probably cry. Not just because I'll be happy to have a new president. Also because of this.

What a disappointment. Reaching out and setting a new tone does not include endorsing those who spew hate, let alone giving those hate-spewers a platform. I keep shaking my head hoping this will go away.


Anonymous said...

i see his reasoning. he is president of a lot of people and is trying to include those with these views instead of alienating right off the bat. but, yeah, odd choice.

Kat said...

He is alienating me off the bat though. I think that should matter too. That's my problem. Warren has explicitly likened pro-choice folks to Nazi appeasers. What's the point of picking someone polarizing for such an important moment? Why not pick someone a bit more neutral?