Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I'm reading

Sara suggested I try to post here the items that I tag for sharing on Google reader. (I loved shared items on Google reader!)

So here's what I've tagged lately. Probably reflects my great appreciation for all things Melissa McEwan.

-- This sums up my disappointment from earlier today. I particularly like the line, "Obama is playing the same game that anti-choicers and homobigots have been playing for decades, which is pretending that both sides of the abortion issue and the same-sex marriage issue are equivalent, and they are not."

-- I love when sexism is just "silly" little stuff we shouldn't get worked up about.

-- Ah, Bush v. Gore.

-- An Alderman with some sense. Whoa.

-- One of my heroes.

And here's one I starred for my own re-reviewing pleasure, but haven't shared.

-- A book review.


On a side note, I think I have decided to make my blog password-protected. I'm not sure exactly how that will work yet. I'm sad to do it. But I think I need to either keep my blog more on the innocuous side (read: no political thoughts) or I need to make it private. Details to follow. I hope you'll all still keep reading. I'll be sure to make sure you know how.

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