Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greetings from Connecticut

I'm in CT for work until tomorrow night. Then in NYC for work from 11pm tomorrow night until 6pm -- so no time to say hi to anyone. Booo. I get back to Chi-town Friday night, jump in a car, meet Rob in Kenosha, WI for his mini-marathon Saturday.

Soooo... four states in three days. And here I thought I was going to be traveling less this year. And last weekend we were in Indiana for the Teb's Troops event, which I'll blog about soon hopefully! It was great.

States I've been to in 2009:
TX (airport stop, hardly counts)

Countries I've been to in 2009:
Mexico (pre-swine flu, whoo hoo!)

Other states I have plans to go to in 2009:
NY (this week)
WI (this week)
CA (next week)
VA (June)
OH (August)
ME (fall)

Hmmm. Maybe 2010 will be my non-travel year? Nobody else out there is allowed to get married or have a baby this year, okay?

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