Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Not much time to blog these past few weeks. I know I always say I'm working like crazy, but lately it's been a whole new level.

We had a nice weekend last weekend though. My friend Rachel came through town for a wedding, so we took her out on Friday night to a Jenny Lewis concert, which was fantastic. Then Saturday night we saw (my cousin Paul's girlfriend's) Whitney's play which was really good and intriguing.

Of course I did a ton of work during the weekend. And I had to get on a plane on Sunday. Back to Chicago Monday night. But now I'm back out of town. Tomorrow back to Chicago. But then off to Virginia for my cousin Angela's wedding on Friday. Then next week I'm off to California to see Libby and hang out in the hospital waiting room with my mom while Libby and Colin's baby girl is born!

Anyway. Lately I'm still way grumpier than I should be. I think I'm just so mentally worn out from all the travel. I need to chill. So I'll just say publicly that my poor husband has had to put up with a really annoying wife lately. It only makes me love him more. I can't wait to have a travel break so I can actually spend time with him. And catch up with my friends. And sleep. And mellow the heck out.

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