Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two weekends in a row in Chicago!

I've been in Chicago the past two weekends. Wow! Last weekend we took in a couple Cubs v. Indians games at Wrigley... and watched the Tribe lose both times. Very depressing.

This past weekend I ignored all the baseball highlight shows, since the Indians are trying to tank their season, and Rob and I stuck to other activities. On Saturday morning, Rob had booked a massage for me after watching me keep a grueling schedule at work last week. That was awesome! Then we hit the mall, finally having the occasion to appreciate an outdoor mall in Chicago, for some overdue shopping for our house and closets. Saturday night we picked up my friend Ali and headed out to the 'burbs for pizza at Burt's. The pizza was indeed excellent and worth the trek, although not quite so amazing that I'd turn around and run right back.

Today we got up early (for us... for a Sunday) to play tennis with our friends Erin and Brian followed by a delicious pancake breakfast. We came back home in time to get our hopes up and then dashed by the US Men's National Team in their big game against Brazil. The first half was pretty exciting though! Then we ran a few errands, rented a couple movies, and settled in for the evening so I could do work while Rob folded laundry. Fun.

Nothing too exciting, but I can't even express how nice it was to just spend a weekend at home and see friends who I've missed a lot lately.

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