Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chicago Summers

While visiting Chicago last summer I was struck by the universal euphoria that engulfs this city during summer. Not having spent a full winter in Chicago I thought these people were nuts. Summer is great, but how great can it possibly be? For me, summer was that time you boarded yourself up in A/C pumped rooms, awaiting sunset so you could actually venture outside (notice I didn't say "do something outside," that would still cause sweat to cascade down your brow and drench your erstwhile clean clothes. Even at night lounging is the only real option).

But Chicago is very different. Sure the winters are brutal, but they only serve to set the mood for the enjoyment of summer! The weather during summer is almost always perfect. Even when it gets "hot," it's not nearly as hot as anywhere on the east coast. Plus, there are literally a million different things to do. There are street festivals every weekend. Plus you have 2 baseball teams. That's right, most nights I can watch not one, but two baseball games. The Cubs take precedence of course, but baseball is baseball, so I'll watch it all. Also, most bars have sizable beer gardens so there are ample opps to chill and enjoy the beautiful weather WHILE WATCHING BASEBALL.

As K's previous post showed, this past weekend was one of our better Chicago weekends. The good news is, we didn't even scratch the surface of what Chicago offers during the summer. We still have 2 months to go, but I'd say we've already had a summer's worth of fun to date!

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