Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Manning Up...

Not sure why I'm in the mood to post this, but I thought some stats comparisons were in order:

2006 NFL Season Stats -- Peyton vs. Eli
QB rating: 101.0 vs. 77.0
TDs: 31 vs. 24
Yards: 4397 vs. 3244
Interceptions: 9 vs. 18
Super Bowl wins: 1 vs. 0

Okay, maybe the comparison isn't totally fair. Maybe we should compare Peyton's stats from his third season in the NFL to Eli's 2006 numbers. For Peyton that was 2000.

3rd NFL Season Stats -- Peyton vs. Eli
QB rating: 94.7 vs. 77.0
TDs: 33 vs.24
Yards: 4413 vs. 3244
Interceptions: 15 vs.18
Super Bowl wins: 0 vs. 0

So I guess Eli shouldn't feel too bad. Peyton didn't win a Super Bowl in his third season either.



Rob said...

I'll chock this post up as a win... notice she didn't say we couldn't go to the Giants/Dolphins game. I think my smoke screen campaign is working...

Kat said...