Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Must Read

There is much to blog about but time is short, so here's something quick that I want to say sooner rather than later.

Buy this book. And tell other people to buy it too.

During my last 2 years of law school I worked as a research assistant for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as she wrote this book on gender equality and the status of women in America. It's exactly the type of book I love to read, want to see more of, and wish someone would pay me to write. So I was honored to ride Congresswoman's Maloney's coattails, so to speak, and be a part of her fantastic book.

The book was (finally) published about two weeks ago. (See how behind I am in my blogging!) If you buy it, you'll also get the thrill of seeing my name in the acknowledgments section alongside some very kind words. Whoo hoo!

You may wonder what parts of the book I worked on. Well, the chapter for which I had primary responsibility, and of which I wrote significant sections, got cut. Perhaps not surprising to regular readers here, that chapter was on women and the media. A subject I care about a great deal. But I also worked on the women and the workplace and women in politics sections, so there are tidbits of my work to be found in the final version of the book.

More important than my contributions, however, the book is a straightforward read about the progress women have and have not made. Unlike most social critiques, the book also gives real suggestions for all of us to follow to help America move closer to real gender equality. It's written by a great elected official who also happens to be a woman. It was a thrill getting to know Congresswoman Maloney as part of this project. The issues in this book are her life passions. No strings attached... which is far too rare in politics these days.

Please do give it a read. I really think you'll enjoy it.

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