Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yea Indy!

We are home sweet home from a very fun weekend in Indy. We went down for the Teb's Troops Third Annual "A Call to Arms" event. I've blogged about Teb's Troops before, but it bears repeating! Teb's Troops is an organization founded by law school classmates and dear friends of Tricia E. Black ("teb"), who lost her battle with Stage IV melanoma nearly two years ago. Teb's Troops is dedicated to raising money to fight late stage melanoma -- a cause Rob and I enthusiastically support. Tricia was a grade school friend of mine and my twin sister's... dating back to our kindergarten carpool.

This was our third year sponsoring "A Call to Arms" but the first time we got to attend in person. I got to see several grade school and high school friends who I haven't seen in ages. So that was really special. The whole event was fantastic, to say the least. Fantastic food and wine along with a silent auction. Rob and I bid up a storm and won a suite for an Indiana Fever game and... dinner cooked by Top Chef contestant Valerie in our own home!!!! We still can't believe it!

Even better, of course, the women behind Teb's Troops raised thousands and thousands of dollars more for cancer research. Awesome.

So here are a couple pictures from our great weekend.

Rob's and my names have never been on a banner before, so we had to take a picture. :)

Here I am with Teb's Troops officer and kindred spirit Nadine... at a bar in Broad Ripple after the event. (For a before shot, click here. :)

Here's Liane after the event. She and Michael hosted us for the weekend and we had a blast with them.

Ah, the late night picture we took of ourselves at the bar.

And what would an evening be without some air guitar courtesy of Rob. Here he's joined by Nadine's husband Roger.

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Nadine said...

Yay for the air guitar shot! Has Rob filed his copyright infringement lawsuit yet? :P