Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No, we're not ignoring you

I keep meaning to blog lately, but I keep not getting to it. I haven't even been reading blogs lately... which is crazy unusual for me.

This past weekend was really nice for us. We finally got some sunshine. Although only on one day. And only on part of that one day. Nevertheless, Saturday morning was so gorgeous that Rob and I abandoned our normal couch potato ways and walked to the lake.

One of the very best things about living in Chicago is living right next to an enormous body of water. I love driving down Lake Shore. I loved staring out the courthouse windows last year at the lake. Yet sadly, Rob and I don't get over to the lake to hang out very much save for the occasional 5K.

We're a straight shot down Belmont Avenue to the lake -- less than a 2 mile walk. We meandered there on Saturday, stopping for bagels and coffee along the way. Then we wandered down the shore for a while before circling back home.

Rob relaxes by the lake.

The view looking towards downtown.

The view looking straight out on the water.

Sunday we headed downtown to the Green Festival. We collected a ton of brochures about ways we can live greener lives -- and then felt guilty for all the paper we'd collected at a green festival. Hmm. We particularly enjoyed the booth of an awesome retailer of green home improvement products, which coincidentally happens to employ my sister to run their marketing efforts. And we got some free energy efficient lightbulbs from the city of Chicago. Nice.

Monday night brought one more adventure -- me and Justice Scalia in the same room! A very large room, obviously, but the same room nonetheless. The Seventh Circuit Bar Association annual conference hosted Justice Scalia and his colleague Justice Stevens at their big dinner event. It was interesting to hear Justice Scalia speak in person. I thought he was pretty entertaining for a lawyer making jokes about the practice of law. I'd imagine non-lawyers/legal types would have been a little bored. I also enjoyed the playful back and forth between Justices Stevens and Scalia.

The real bonus was that I got to say hello to my former boss, Judge Wood, and her husband, as they were also in attendance. Ah, to be a clerk again....

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Anonymous said...

THat always kills be about green festivals. Enough with the pamphlets.