Sunday, June 22, 2008

LeeAnn Rimes and other weekend adventures

Friday I was exhausted. I flew to NYC on Thursday for a Thursday night event and then jetted right back on a 6:55am flight on Friday. No time to see anyone at all in NYC. No time even to sleep. Friday was a long work day once I got back, although thankfully I worked at home, which made it much more comfortable.

Friday night we were thrilled to find that a new bar in our 'hood has finally opened -- The Pony. They are operating with a limited menu, but we enjoyed our chicken sandwiches. It was a little late, but we didn't get there until after 9pm. Hopefully the crowd will turn a little more towards the chill direction because we love having a neighborhood sports bar so close.

Saturday morning Rob and I met up with our friend Georgia for brunch at Victory's Banner. We'd never been there before and we could not have loved more the bottomless cups of chai. Wow.

While we were waiting for our table, Rob suddenly said, "There's LeeAnn Rimes." Rob is extremely gifted in the spotting people he knows department. And virtually every celebrity sighting I've had in my life has followed Rob pointing out the celebrity to me. But still. LeeAnn Rimes at a random Roscoe Village brunch joint?

Well, Rob was right. We went inside when our name was called and we were seated right next to the chairs where folks were waiting for a table. My chair was literally less than a foot from one of those chairs, and in that chair was LeeAnn Rimes. We sat down as one of the staff members was figuring out who Ms. Rimes was.

"Why are you here?"

"We just came from a yoga lesson and they recommended it."

"Why are you in town? Do you have a concert?"

"Yes, we have a show at Soldier Field tonight."

"Soldier Field? Wow. That's a lot of people."

"Well there are six of us performing."

"Do you want to sing for us this morning?"

"Oh, no, I...."

"Come on, sing for us."

"Oh, no...."

I started feeling badly for her at this point and she was seated a few tables away shortly after this. So I tried to focus back on our own conversation. Much as I'd have loved to tell LeeAnn Rimes that her voice kicks major @ss, she really deserved a little privacy. I will say that she's in amazingly great shape, although on the thin side, as all celebs seem to be.

Apart from the celeb sighting though, brunch was great. Thanks Georgia! Later that afternoon we wandered over to Greenmaker, Resa's work actually, to check out bamboo flooring. Hopefully we'll be putting in new flooring in our master and guest bedrooms soon. And Saturday night we had a lovely dinner at Bon Soiree.

Sunday was more of a work day, much like Saturday afternoon. But Sunday night we went over to one of my work colleague's homes for some fantastically grilled steak. Good food, good company yet again.

All in all we had a lovely weekend. Although I can't believe LeeAnn is leaving town without saying goodbye.


Jeff Cooke said...

You shoulda went up and said hi to LeAnn. She is a very friendly person. The waiter sounds like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

The waiter is an idiot. But I know how you feel. Lately, all our celebrity sitings are leaving me dizzy.