Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pound It

I really really really don't think the whole Michelle and Barack fist bump should be getting this much news play. There are way more important things to talk about -- from history-making to policy nuance.

Still, I admit I totally loved the moment. That's exactly how Rob and I say to each other, "Yup, you're/we're/that's wicked awesome." So to see the moment between our Dem nominee and his wife... well, it's about partnership, pride in your partner and your partnership, and savoring life's good moments. Very nice to see. Very refreshing. Very hopeful and changeful.

But... the article from which the above picture is pulled makes me worry that my days about blogging about campaign trail sexism are far from over. Not because of this article per se, but because this article hints at the greater scrutiny bearing down on Michelle Obama. I can't imagine the likenings to Hillary Clinton are far behind, which can't mean anything good for the Obamas.


Anonymous said...

That is so fucking annoying. I do not CARE about his wife unless she murders kittens for a living. Just let's talk about something other than what the candidates' spouses wrote for their college thesis papers, ok?

Kat said...