Friday, April 20, 2007

And finally... some pictures of Gena's visit to Chicago last weekend, courtesy of Gena. Although not many pictures of Gena herself.

This is Rob's wonderful sister Gena with the equally wonderful Rob. We hit the Chicago nightlife scene on Saturday night. Well, as much as thirty-somethings do.

Earlier in the day, we went to Navy Pier where we all raced toy boats. Here, Rob and I are looking like the total nerds we are while trying to crash our boats into each other.

Awww. Here's me smooching my husband's cheek while out at the bars.

Here are the sisters-in-law. My sister Resa with Rob's sister Gena.

Here's the GIANT drink Resa ordered for the table. Resa is sipping here with her two best friends Steph and Steph.

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