Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not much new to report from our end. Work has slowed down a wee bit for me because the court is in recess, but now it's time to catch up on quite a bit of opinion writing. Sixteen opinions to go and counting, if we're keeping track. So while I can get a full night's sleep every night for the next two weeks, which I don't take for granted given the past couple weeks!!, I won't be getting a whole lot more than that. And as always, there will be work on the weekends too. Still, I can't complain because my job rocks and I'm going to be very sad to leave it in August.

The other thing slowing me down right now is my obsession with the news. There's just so much I can't turn away from -- from Virginia Tech, to the Gonzales hearings, to the Supreme Court decisions. Of course I have no comment on the latter two. The Virginia Tech massacre (what a horrible word) is devastating. I remember when the Columbine shooting happened in 1999. I was studying in London, so I didn't have any access to American television, but I read every word of coverage on the internet. I read every detail I could find about the victims' lives. And here I am doing the same thing now. I don't know if I'm desperate for some bigger meaning or just desperate, but either way I'm so saddened for the loss that so many people are suffering. Then there's the news that we just had the deadliest day of the year in Iraq, and it seems like there's not nearly enough good news out there at all.

The one happy thing I can report is that my friend Roxanna set a date for her wedding. So I am currently looking forward to an amazing wedding this September. I really cannot wait.

Oh, and Rob has a trip coming up with his dad. A weekend in Arizona. He promises to take pictures and blog about it. We'll see.

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