Sunday, April 01, 2007

So long NCAA pool... it was great while it lasted.

I was feeling pretty good heading into the weekend. My co-clerks and I had submitted a joint entry into the Seventh Circuit clerk pool and we had three of the Final Four teams right. We had Ohio State heading to the final game, so their win last night was great. But then came game #2. Not only did we have UCLA winning that game, but we had UCLA winning the championship. An Ohio State-UCLA final game would have locked us into the top three, but thanks to UCLA's stumble, we're destined for the middle. Alas. I still feel smart for picking Georgetown to make it to the Final Four, but even more bummed now that Oregon didn't pull the upset over Florida in the Elite Eight as we hoped.

It's been an uneventful weekend other than that. My court is currently in session for two more weeks, which means the weekend was full of lots of bench memo writing. I did take a break last night so Rob and I could have dinner with Resa and Nick. Then Rob and I came home and watched the movie "The Last Kiss." I think it was good. Kindof. But it painted quite a bleak picture of coupledom. A bit too depressing without any catharsis or even understanding... so it wasn't really Rob's or my cup of tea.

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