Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heading out

In the not so distant future, I'll be shipping off for trial. To get ready, I hit the local CVS drugstore to buy a new set of toiletries. Rob and I share lots of things, from soap to toothpaste to shampoo, so I figured I'd buy a new set of everything, throw it in a box and put it on the truck heading off to our trial site. No other way to describe my bill at CVS except WHOA. I've got some expensive habits. I think I'd rather live in ignorance.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of free time, but I thought I'd post some belated pics in lieu of writing a long update. Not much to say anyway. I will post more soon though... or I'll make Rob post.

Tim and Emily came over (as did Resa and Nick, but we don't have a picture of them) for the ALCS Game 5. It didn't go as hoped. Check out our lovely new couch, though, and our lovely new dining room table behind. The table expands to seat eight. How married-couple-ish of us. You can also get a glimpse of our stalled home improvement projects. You can see the yellow walls we still haven't painted and the mirror we don't want to hang until our walls are painted.

Rob and I put on our rally caps in the final inning, but still it was not to be. At least we have this comfortable new chair.

I was a pumpkin for Halloween. Resa and Nick have an annual Halloween party, so we made a quick appearance last night in between memos. It's a challenge these days to find a female adult costume that doesn't involve quite a bit of cleavage. Rob was an Old West bandit, but alas, he didn't model for a picture.

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Valerie said...

i like the yellow wall. adam and i painted our "accent wall" yellow.