Saturday, October 13, 2007

One More Thing...

I should also say that we had a blast when Kyle and Taber (and Taber's sister Vanessa) were in town for the marathon. On Friday, some co-workers invited me to a happy hour, but I declined, saying my in-laws are in town. The co-worker asked, "In-laws? Is that good or bad." "Good!" I replied. And it's absolutely the truth.

Kyle and Taber are not just family, but two of our best friends. We were especially happy to treat them to hospitality in our hometown because they were our saviors while I was in law school. They live just 30 minutes from Philly, so whenever Rob and I needed to get away, we'd invite ourselves over. I still remember one time when we showed up for a visit out of the blue. Kyle opened the door, saw it was Rob, and threw her arms around him. It was awesome. That is the enthusiasm with which Kyle and Taber have welcomed me into their family. And it's also why it's no surprise that Rob married someone with so much in common with his twin sister. Felicity forever, Kyle! ;)

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