Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No, we're not ignoring you...

I know it's been forever since we've blogged. Life has been crazy. My new job is keeping me particularly busy, but I'm truly loving it. The team of lawyers I'm currently working with could not be more welcoming. The work is challenging. I've got a ton on my plate. But I'm happy, which is what it's all about.

I've also neglected to blog about all the amazing meals we've had lately. Our friends Ali and Eddie have cooked two divine meals for us lately -- one this past weekend and one the weekend before. Duck two ways, cog* au vin, homemade dumplings and more. My waistline best expresses my appreciation.

The weekend before last, our friends Tim and Emily made us a phenomenal braised (I think) pork dish. Oh my gosh it was great. We don't deserve our friends' amazingness in the kitchen!

This past weekend we were also so happy to have my beloved law school friend Cobin visiting us. He's in his last year of med school out in Utah (yes, he took time off from med school to go to law school). He had a test to take in Chicago, so he got to spend four days out here hanging out afterwards. I can never say it enough -- having good friends around is perfection. I haven't seen Cobin in more than a year, so it was fantastic to catch up. Cobin and Rob took part in cooking the fabulous meal we ate on Saturday night. The two of them and Eddie were a sight to see in the kitchen. I swung by Eddie and Ali's around 6pm to see them chopping and searing like mad. I helped too -- I set the table. :)

As if that weren't enough fun, Saturday during the day, my little sister Resa and I went wedding dress shopping. She's getting married in April. We hit a few stores and found lots of nice dresses. Not that I'm biased, but my sister is gorgeous, so everything looked fantastic. The last dress she tried, though, a Romona Keveza gown at Macy's, was beyond stunning. As soon as she put it on I started crying. Then she started crying. We were a mess. I think we may have found a winner.

Then on Sunday Rob and I bought some new furniture for our place. A couch and an oversized chair. So comfortable. We can't wait for them to arrive... although that won't be for a couple more weeks.

Tomorrow Rob's sister Kyle, her husband Taber, and Taber's sister Vanessa arrive in town. Taber's running the Chicago marathon on Saturday, which I think will be about his sixth marathon. He's raising money with his run for Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation. Pretty awesome.

I guess the last thing I should say is that I'm pretty devastated by the U.S. Women's National Team's loss in the World Cup this past weekend. The loss to Brazil... there still are no words. But the third-place game against Norway was truly inspired. Hopefully it'll set the tone for the future. I'm hoping I can find some free seconds this weekend to write an article for ASN on how it all turned out, especially the goalkeeper controversy. We'll see.

Back to work I go. Trying to finish a few small things tonight. I promise to post something more entertaining soon. And some pictures. I'm trying to get Rob to blog more since work will be a bit hectic for the foreseeable future as I get settled in. Thanks for not giving up on us!

*I'm leaving this typo in because it's particularly amusing to me. :)

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