Sunday, March 02, 2008

Apple Holler... and other adventures

We have had a good weekend mostly at home. Friday night was a birthday party for some work friends. Then on Saturday, Rob and I drove up to Wisconsin to try out another ski resort -- Alpine Valley. We went late in the day because they have discounted lift tickets if you arrive after 3pm. All in all, we think we prefer Wilmot for Wisconsin skiing. The rental boots at Alpine Valley were a little lower grade, so our feet were looser, which meant we had less control over our skis. The slopes were fine, but it seemed like there were a lot more people, a lot more inexperienced people in particular. So I for one was more nervous heading downhill. We were definitely spoiled in Jackson Hole. When you're the worst skier on the mountain, you don't really worry.

After a couple hours, Rob dragged me over to an intermediate slope. As we unloaded the ski lift at the top, another skiier (who, strangely, was walking in her boots with skiis in hand) stepped into my path at the foot of the ski lift and then stopped. Yup, stopped. Right in front of an active ski lift. I tried turning to go around her, but I was only a foot or so away from her when she stopped. My attempt seemed to keep her from falling over, but didn't do me any good. We still collided. I hit the ground hard. My hat flew off. I cursed my less than nimble ways on skiis and scrambled to get up and out of the way of the folks behind me. (Meanwhile Rob rescued my hat. :)

I've got some nice bruises on my legs (from landing on the skier's skis, as she dropped them in the collision) and a rather stiff neck today. Could have been a lot worse, I suppose. Mostly just embarrassment knowing 30 or so people saw me smash into another skier. The good news is that I made it down the intermediate slope pretty easily. And if I hadn't felt like crap after hitting the ground at the top, I might have tried a couple more intermediate hills.

In happier news, on our way up to Alpine Valley, we had passed a giant sign for "Apple Holler," which looked like some kind of restaurant and orchard. So we stopped on our way back to Chicago and it was AWESOME. Most everything on the menu, which was expansive, had some sort of apple component. As did the large majority of the desserts. All the main courses came with 4 or 5 side dishes, so my chicken sausage came with apple kraut, potato pancakes, cinnamon apples, sweet potato casserole and veggies... plus we got cornbread and honey apple butter. Fantastic.

The whole drive to Wisconsin and back was worth it for Apple Holler alone. Seriously, so good!!! We also bought some apple wine and a caramel apple at the Apple Holler store, which we enjoyed post-dinner tonight.

We arrived home in time to meet Resa, Nick, Steph and Jason out for Jason's 30th birthday adventure, which included a scavenger hunt designed by Resa to make Jason find and talk to single women all night. We had a great time... such a great time that we were out until about 4am. Fortunately, Garcia's is open until 4am. We made it there just in time to get a late night snack, or early early breakfast before heading home.

Needless to say, today was a chill out, relax and run errand day. Tomorrow I head out of town for most of the week for work. So it was good to have some time to ourselves at home this weekend.

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