Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random updates

Cool things that have happened lately:

-- I got to have dinner with my friend Claire while traveling for work. We had awesome pizza that was too big to finish.

-- Rob went to a general election campaign kickoff for Anita Alvarez, who we were proud to vote for in the primary for State's Attorney in Cook County.

-- Scooters opened for the season! Our friends Jeff and Sara joined us in our first Scoot session of 2008. Amazingly yummy as always.

-- I skied down an entire mountain in Vail and didn't injure myself. Making good use out of catwalks, of course.

-- I had a sushi dinner on a private plane. (That sounds so much more posh than it actually was, so I'm going to leave it at that.)

-- Top Chef premiered. I already don't like the guy from NY who drops f-bombs all over the place and the gastronomy guy, even though his food looks amazing. I do like Stephanie and was psyched to see so much female talent this season. The Top Chef house is literally just down the street from me, so Rob and I are crushed we didn't see them while they were filming!

-- Coral left the Gauntlet III when she realized she can't manipulate the whole world any more. Yea!!!! (Although then I felt kindof bad because what will she do now that she can't spend her days manipulating the whole world? I'm not sure she has any other skills.)

-- When I got back from my last trip, which was less than 48 hours, Rob and I were so happy to see each other that you'd think we'd been separated for a month. We are such losers.

I say all this cheesy stuff, big and small, because some other crappy stuff has happened lately too. Mainly to people we love and care about. So it's good to think about the happy things... or else I'd sit around cursing the fates all day long. To those who fate is not treating as well as you deserve, we're thinking about you all the time. xoxoxo.

Off to work.

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Anonymous said...

We used to be like that after trips. Now I am just happy to hand the kids over.