Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Very Modern Vacation*

Rob and I got back from Vegas on Thursday... about 10 hours later than scheduled due to the extraordinary unhelpfulness of a certain airline, which will remain nameless. Our vacation itself, however, was fantastic. We loved having warm, sunny weather for days on end. And we loved vacationing with Mark and Chris.

For anyone not in the know, Mark is my bestest of best friends from college and Chris is his awesome, awesome, awesome boyfriend. Once upon a time, Mark was my college sweetheart. We dated for years before we figured out we were actually meant to be best friends. Very fortunately, we've managed to stay that way ever since. Even more fortunately, we have significant others who don't think we're crazy for doing so!

Vegas turned out to be the perfect foil to the endless winter we've been experiencing in Chicago. Sunday night we caught a great show called Le Reve, which was unlike anything I've seen before and pretty spectacular. Monday we slept in (yea!!), hit our first Vegas buffet, and spent the last couple hours of the day at the pool. (Oh, and I snuck in quite a bit more work than I'd like throughout the vacation. :P) Monday night was steak night at Delmonico's -- yum. Tuesday we rented a cabana at the pool and camped out all day long. Tuesday night was French food at the hotel -- even more yum. Wednesday we wandered the Strip all day. We rode the roller coaster at New York, New York, watched the fountains at the Bellagio, walked the whole length of Ceasar's (no small feat), and then some. We took a different route for dinner -- just off the Strip, Japanese food cooked at the table. A perfect ending to a gluttonous vacation.

Besides lounging and eating, we had an all around great time just hanging out and cracking up with Mark and Chris for four days. Truly nothing beats the company of great friends. We can't wait for our next trip together -- PV here we come!

Oh, and Rob and I are up a whole $14 from gambling. Sweet!

* Coined by Chris.

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