Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sleep time!

This weekend has been a whole lot of cancelled plans. Friday night I bailed on friends to work. Saturday night I bailed on friends to work -- and turned down two more sets of plans when other friends called to see what I was up to while I was working. Today I bailed on brunch with my lovely husband to continue sleeping... after having gone to bed at 7am. Just now, I finished my work for the weekend. Thank goodness.

All this stuff to do stems from three things: (1) every single project I have right now got busy in the last five days, (2) I really love and care about the projects I'm working on, and (3) I have no ability to say no when someone says "do you have a few hours for ....?" I definitely need to work on the last thing. But in the mean time, despite my absolute exhaustion right now, I feel kindof empowered for having worked so hard for the past five days.

And I did get to sneak away from my computer for an hour on Saturday to attend a friend's baby naming ceremony, which was wonderful! So the entire weekend was not a wash as far as my actual life is concerned.

Anyway, it's sleep time now! If you haven't heard from me in while, well, now you know why. :)

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