Thursday, March 15, 2007

I used to think that Chicagoans who walk around without hats or gloves in 30 degree weather were crazy. Then, this morning I realized I'd made it all the way to the office without putting on my hat or gloves and it's about 33 degrees out. I guess I'm practically a native now. I remember a few weeks ago when it was under 10 degrees for day... when it hit 12 degrees Rob and I actually commented on how much warmer it felt. Crazy.

Anyway, Libby's wedding went off beautifully and I had a great time being a part of the event. Outdoor weddings are so gorgeous. Libby and Colin's vows were very touching. I got to give a toast, which I was very excited about, but I shook like a leaf the whole way through because I was way too emotional! And I even convinced the DJ to play an awesome Kelly Clarkson song to close the dance floor. I'm sure he only did it because I was the bride's twin... and he confessed later he'd been told not to play any American Idol songs. Oops! But Libby did rock out with me to the song so it couldn't have been too bad a choice. Kelly is so over AI these days, right? :)

The only crazy part of last week was the end of Libby's bachelorette party (Thursday night) when, long story short, she stepped on a construction screw, which went through her shoe and well into her foot. She wore nice fluffy slippers for most of her wedding because her foot was still hurting. It was a bummer of an ending to the bachelorette party, which included Libby and Resa getting henna tattoos with their guys' names on them, and Rob getting a henna tattoo of a flaming heart that said "Katherine." Awesomeness, I tell you. I'll post California pictures, including tattoo pictures, as soon as I can.

Now I'm settling in back at work, catching up as best I can, and trying to figure out what I'll be doing next fall when my clerkship is done.

In the mean time, my friend Ali sent around a fun activist mass email about an easy way to help energy conservation efforts. So I'm going to plagiarize some of it here in my next post. Thanks Ali. Go green!

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