Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rob keeps promising he's going to post something. We'll see. :) In the mean time, here are some pictures from a bunch of random occasions over the past year. I finally downloaded my pictures from my camera. Or rather, my brother-in-law Colin did. Thanks Colin! (And thanks Nick for making some of these pictures not sideways.)

I got my mom to take a picture with me at my law school graduation -- a rare feat!

I am an awesome photographer, right? For Thanksgiving last fall, our friends Ali, Eddie and Fritz came over, along with my Dad. The food was AMAZING. I made the salad.

I was there on Thanksgiving too. Check out the empty plates... except for the salad. Hmm. This is our old Chi-town apartment, which we loved, except when the water would turn off in the middle of showers. That was awesome.

Our fabulous, fabulous, fabulous friends Carly and Christian came to visit us for New Year's. We miss them so much. :(

My sister Resa and her better half Nick hosted us all for New Year's. Libby and Colin stayed in Chicago from Christmas through New Year's. It was nice to have the six of us in the same place.

Here we are in Muir Woods in the Bay Area a couple weeks ago. It was absolutely beautiful there.

Also at Muir Woods, Rob had this brilliant idea that Roxanna and I climb on the fences and jump into the air at the same time, so he could take a picture of us floating in Muir Woods. So... yeah... we couldn't exactly balance on the fence enough to actually jump. We just kept laughing and falling off. So this is an on-the-verge-of-falling picture.

Here's Rob poking his head out from inside a giant tree. Way cool.

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